How to build lasting friendships

How to build lasting friendships
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How many friends have you had all your life so far?

Like real friends and how many have you lost?

In my experience, it’s the simple things that make great friends

1). Truthfulness, don’t lie to me. You absolutely have no reason to lie to your friend. It’s better to say, “you know, I’d have love to tell you about this, but I don’t think the time is right yet” Your friend should understand. Let your friend know that you can not lie to them. Of course, not by telling them you can’t lie to them.

Proof it. Don’t lie. Be transparent. Trust is earned, when your friend knows you can not lie to them, they can trust you and can go above and beyond for you.

2). Study and understand your friend. This sounds like a no-brainer, right? It will surprise you to know that most problems between friends come from of lack of understanding.

If you are presented a situation, and you are asked what will be your friends’ closest opinion on it, would you be able to guess right? This is a difficult job, however, it’s a responsibility that comes with friendship. You have to be intentional about learning about how your friend thinks and their behavioural pattern.

3). Be there for your friends when they need you. Don’t be the one that always give excuses. “I am broke”, “I am busy”, “I wish I could help”

4). Add value to your friend’s life — career, personal life, family, etc. Look out for ways to make your friend better than they are. Look out for opportunities, link them up. Do what you can.

5). Love your friend. It’s only the love you have for your friend that will prevent you from hurting them. We hear of friend’s killing each other, if friends truly love each other they will never hurt themselves intensionally, no matter what.

6). When there is a fallout, don’t go out on social media and start saying all manner of rubbish about your friend. If they didn’t let you into their life you wouldn’t have had the chance to know anything about them, respect the friendship you once had, one day you might need their help and you will still be able to go back to them. In other words, don’t burn bridges.

Build back your friendship, friends make up a huge part of my family structure. And I love it.


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