Acceptance and Identity

Acceptance and Identity
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We all want to be accepted, right?

Me too 🙂

So, we try to identify ourselves with events, groups, schools, etc that gets us the acceptance we need from others.

Sometimes, we do this even against our will.

At this point, we become people pleasers, we lose ourselves trying to belong.

Great men and women are people who build their life styles upon rock-solid principles.

You find people pleasers always trying to be politically correct at all time. This is a mistake, you can’t please everyone.

You can be better. You can be yourself.

Stand for something, live for something, build your principles, build your own identity, live above mediocrity.

How, you asked?

  • Start by learning how to think for yourself.
  • Stop saying yes to everyone and everything.
  • Learn to say NO when you need to
  • Build a believe system


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