If you can not take care of a child, don’t have one

If you can not take care of a child, don’t have one
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Oh wait, are you serious?

So, you mean some people do not deserve to have a family of their own because they are poor?

Okay, not to be misconstrued, family is a beautiful thing. Everyone deserves one and should have one at least.

But it will be selfish and a terrible idea to have a child you can not take care of.

A child you can not send to school and have enjoy what it feels like to be a child and to be taking care of by a parent.

There are already hundreds of homeless children running around the streets, don’t add to the number.

Don’t just have kids because it’s one of those things you need to do in life and feel like it’s the time.

What should you do instead?

Focus on creating wealth, getting a job, improving your skills, being a better person.

When it’s time to have kids, you’ll know. Do it right, and you’ll be happy you did it at the appropriate time.


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