How I am improving my productivity right now

How I am improving my productivity right now

With thousands of apps struggling for your attention every second, it’s really hard to stay focused and get work done. Especially if you work remotely or as a freelancer. 

You need to make a conscious effort to avoid distractions to be productive and of course, be happy.

Have you ever heard of the theory of not touching your phone first thing in the morning?

It’s a great idea. However, it does not work for me. My phone is usually the first thing I look out for when I am awake, not my liver (pun intended).

My phone is an important part of my daily life. However, it’s easy to get burned. I put my phone away when I am ready to get to work. My Whatsapp is connected to my computer in case there is an urgent message I need to respond to.

Google Calendar + Google Tasks can help you achieve your productivity goal — from my personal experience.

I use Google Calendar and Task to set my tasks for the day. It allows me to:

  • Stay focused on one thing at a time and give it my best shot. Until I am done with it.
  • Be time conscious
  • Have a planned day
  • Do more and have free time for myself
  • Picture and capture all my daily activities in the morning
  • Be proactive

There is a sense of fulfillment I get when I look at my tasks and calendar and I see that I am doing an excellent job at them.

If you haven’t used Google Calendar before, you might be wondering how you can do what I do, right? Well, it’s simple. If you have an Android phone, Google Calendar is installed by default, otherwise, you might need to install it from your mobile App Store.

To get started, launch your Calendar App and click on the plus (+) sign.

A menu will pop up with a couple of options, choose “Task”

And finally, enter the Task title, description, switch the `all day` toggle, and enter the specific time you want to start the task.

And finally, save it.

You’ll be notified each time it’s time to start the next Task.

If you find yourself busy and less productive. I recommend this app and workflow for you.

It works effectively. In the end, I am happy, and everyone is happy. I feel less pressure and burnout.


  • Don’t set unrealistic deadlines. 
  • Add break time to your routine — life is already hard. Give yourself some break.

Good luck and have a productive day.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment, how do you stay productive at work?

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