The Missing Link

The Missing Link
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When I was 12, I planned my life up to 25 years — modified as I grew because life isn’t a straight line equation. It’s more like a sinusoidal wave equation.

Every time I return to that little jotter, it makes me smile. I did accomplish most of the things I wrote down.

Interestingly, when I was in college, one of our course work was to write an essay about where we wanted to be in the next four years – I think that was the most crucial college assignment.

Do you know what writing my plans did for me?

I never forgot. It was written in my subconscious mind.

I had something to pray for. I had something to look forward to no matter how tough things might be in the present; I knew if the cards were right, I’d make it through. It helped to ease my frustration and pushed me to work harder to accomplish my goals.

I was, and I am, very intentional.

Could this be a missing link for you, do you document? I understand that not many people get lucky, but you can not rule out the importance of documentation in your overall success mix.

According to The Pareto Principle, 20 percent of your activities will account for 80 percent of your results. So, little things like this can make a significant difference.

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