Introducing Lopeer

Introducing Lopeer
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Today, we officially launch Lopeer, a crypto exchange and deFi application for everyone.

If you’ve always thought of crypto as being complicated to navigate, you are not alone.

However, it shouldn’t be so.

About a year ago we decided to build Lopeer to help increase access and adoption of cryptocurrency in Africa.

The truth is, data shows that Africa is leading in crypto adoption, in fact, according to a recent study by Kucoin, cryptocurrency transaction grew by 2,670% in 2022, which is a good thing, however, just a fraction of Africans actually know how to navigate crypto and web3 applications which is understandable because crypto and blockchain applications seems to be difficult to work with.

That is why we built Lopeer. We want to make it easy to trade crypto with people across Africa and beyond.

Mores so, I will emphatically state that the blockchain technology is here to stay. We envision people using cryptocurrencies for their day-to-day businesses all across Africa. With this in mind, we build into Lopeer both Virtual and Geo Location base trading options.

That means, if you move to another country with only crypto in your wallet and without a bank account in that country you can quickly create an account on Lopeer and exchange your crypto for cash via P2P.

It’s important that Africa takes the front seat in this crypto and blockchain evolution, and Lopeer is the vehicle that is positioned to make that happen.

We look forward to onboard millions of Africans into the Crypto and Defi space with focus on simplicity and ease of use without compromising security.

You can buy, sell, hold, transfer or stake your crypto for profit on Lopeer without the regular complication.

In fact, our onboarding process takes less than 5 minutes to complete, it’s amazing and I look forward to having you onboard,

Lopeer is available on PlayStore via

Cheers, Eze

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