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Have you wondered why most of our parents choose to follow the traditional way to make a living—getting a job and advising us to do the same?

Starting a business is great. Nowadays, many people want to own a business because it gives you a sense of fulfillment, it allows you to take control of your life, you can follow your passion, be your own boss, and make more money. 

That’s what motivational speakers sold to all of us— believe it or not they are right. However, what is bad is how they make you feel terrible because you chose to have a job— this isn’t correct. Having a great job has its advantages and for most people, it’s the best thing that will happen to them in their lifetime.

And many times, you are better off just having a dream job than running a business. Not everyone should start a business. 

Having your dream job will allow you to pay your bills and live a comfortable lifestyle while doing what you love to do. And if your job gets toxic, you change your job.

You can’t lose your house when you lose your job

Trust me, some entrepreneurs will lose their houses if their businesses fail. That’s because raising the capital for your business is hard. Most of the time, you’ve got to get a loan. 

So, if your business fails, your house or other valuables that you likely used as collateral will be taken away from you.

But that will likely not happen if you lose your job — you simply get another job. The most interesting part is, most of the time, you’ll get a raise in your next job.

You get free training on your job

According to Gallup, 89% of business leaders around the world believe that recent university graduates don't have the necessary skills to do their job once they are hired by an organization. 

For this reason, most companies are investing a lot in the education of their employees, in order to enhance their knowledge and skills to enable them to do better at their job. I know many of my friends who travel out of the country every 3rd quarter for official training. 

Employees don’t get to pay a penny for this training. This is something you’ll hardly get as a businessman, you get to pay for all training and the expenses involved.

An enviable income

A dream job comes with an enviable salary. Most employees make more money per month than some businesses. And the numbers are consistent too, that means, if you have the desire to start a business in the future, you can save up enough money for this course and still live a normal life. You can even start a side hustle while at your current job.

Work fewer hours and fewer headaches

They lied to you when they said you’ll work at your own time (no, you’ll work at your customer's time) as a business owner. Your business will most likely fail if you go to sleep. 

Most entrepreneurs work 10 hours a day and some even more. As an employee, while the entire company’s success is your concern, you mostly have to fuel that success by doing “your job” well. So, you have fewer headaches.

But wait a minute, isn’t having a business everyone’s dream?

Okay, actually it’s not everyone’s dream. A lot of people don’t want to run a business. Not everyone can work long hours a day. 

let‘s face it, some jobs can make you feel miserable, depressed and frustrated — that’s a bad job, only a few people enjoy their job according to recent studies that suggest that over 85% of employees hate their job.

There are a lot of reasons why people hate their job, from having a bad boss, a toxic working environment, no work-life balance, etc.

So, why do you need a job?

1). If you are broke, you need a job

How do you want to start a business if you are broke? 

You go get a loan? 

That’s usually the last option. According to American entrepreneur and investor, Mark Cuban, “...only a moron will get a loan to start a business” he said this because there are a lot of uncertainties involved in running a business. But what’s so certain is that you’ve got to pay your loan.

If you are broke and are struggling with survival, your most important desire should be getting a job.

Most of us started our first jobs immediately after we graduated from college because we were broke. Many entrepreneurs started this way, saved up money and ran some side hustles and later moved to run their business full time. 

3). If you want to learn about the industry, you need a job

It’s either you have the experience to run your business or you hire someone who has experience in the industry. 

If your desire is to be fully involved in the day to day running of your business from the very beginning, getting a job in the industry you want to start your business in will be a good idea. 

You’ll not only learn about the industry, but you’ll also learn about the business processes, how to hire talents, how to handle clients, and improve your communication skills beyond what you read in books.

Owning a business has a lot of benefits as well. You’ll not have to answer anyone as a boss or supervisor — aside from your customers😃, you take all of the profit from your brand yourself, instead of making money for big companies, the likelihood to make a lot of money and become a serial entrepreneur and the ability to write expenses off on your taxes. 

It goes without saying that getting a job isn’t a bad idea. 

Should you get a job or start a business? 

Yes and yes. 

Depending on the reality you find yourself as described in this article you should either start a business or get a job.


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